Slav Auditions 2016


Whether your previous musical experience consists of 12 years of choir, high school a cappella, jamming in the shower, or being raised on Bulgarian lullabies, you are absolutely the person we want to audition for The Yale Slavic Chorus!  If you want to become a part of Yale’s first women’s organization, are a fan of singing in new languages, cooking potluck dinners, eating cheese, exploring distant countries, performing for friends, and attending Balkan music festivals, the Yale Slavic Chorus is the place for you. We sing in more than seven different languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Georgian, but you can come to auditions without any previous familiarity and jump right in.

While audition dates and times are still to be finalized, please note that auditions will take place within the first two weeks of September.

Here’s some quick pointers for your audition:

  • Prepare an excerpt of a song that’s good for your range and important to you to sing for us.
  • Come in with an open mind! We may ask you to do some things that you haven’t done before – like mountain hollers and clapping in unusual time rhythms – but no need to be intimidated!

Email to join the audition panlist, and receive information about our first concert!

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