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The Yale Slavic Chorus greatly appreciates your donations! We use them to fund everything from our annual concerts, workshops, and domestic tours to our international tours and alumni reunions. You may make a nondeductible or deductible contribution as outlined below.

There are two ways to give:

Direct Donation for Current Costs

A nondeductible payment directly to the current group will be used to cover expenses like workshops with experts, transportation for gigs, and space rentals for concerts. The Slavs need these kinds of donations to fully cover our annual costs.

There are two ways to make a donation directly to Slavs:

1. Donate via PayPal by clicking the button below.


2. Mail a check, made out to the the Yale Slavic Chorus, to the following address:

Slavic Chorus

P.O. Box 207177

New Haven, CT 06520-7177

Tax-Deductible Contribution to Endowment

You can also make a tax-deductible donation to the Yale Slavic Chorus Endowment Fund. Founded by Dr. Bridget Collins, the endowment is managed by Yale University and makes Slavs the only all-female singing group to have an endowment. In the years since the endowment went into effect in 2005, it has funded Slavs’ most recent albums, domestic tours to San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, international tours to Bulgaria and Georgia, reunions, and many other projects.

There are three ways to contribute to the fund:

1. Mail a check, made out to Yale University (with “For The Yale Slavic Chorus Endowment Fund – Fund #16071” in the memo line), to the following address:

Yale University Office of Development

Contributions Processing

P.O. Box 2038

New Haven, CT 06521-2038

*You may also want to note the name and number of the fund in the letter accompanying the check.

2. Donate via credit card using Yale’s secure website.

*For the designation, you would select the button “View other/give to multiple funds” and you would need to scroll all the way down and choose “Other.”  In the comment field you would write “Fund #16071 – The Yale Slavic Chorus Endowment Fund”

3. Explore other ways of giving (gifts of marketable securities; wire transfers) and the relevant processes at

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