What should I wear in the Reunion concert?

If you still have Slav concert wear from your time in the chorus, please bring that. If not, a simple black bottom (either pants or a long skirt) and a plain white (or embroidered) top will be just fine. (If you have extras of anything, and don’t mind sharing with friends, please feel free to bring them along.)

Can I still take advantage of block hotel rates?

Unfortunately, the deadline for those rates has passed. Block rates were available at the following hotels if you would like to stay near other Slavs:

OMNI NEW HAVEN (155 Temple St, New Haven, CT)

NEW HAVEN HOTEL (229 George St, New Haven, CT)

COURTYARD MARRIOTT (30 Whalley Ave, New Haven CT)

How do I order Reunion merchandise?

T-shirts and other merchandise will be available for purchase at Reunion.

Can my friends and I perform a small group at Reunion?

The date to propose a small group for the concert has passed. Auditions for those who submitted a request will be held from 2:30 – 3:30 pm on Saturday, April 6th, in the Glee Club Room in Hendrie Hall. However, there will be an open mic for more informal small group singing at our dinner reception on Saturday evening. A sign-up sheet will be circulated during rehearsal on Saturday, so be sure to put your name down if you and your friends would like to sing at the dinner!

Can I sing in multiple small groups in the Reunion concert?

Sorry, no. We received so much interest in small groups that we won’t even be able to accommodate everyone as it is. We ask that everyone be understanding as we try to give everyone an opportunity to share their favorite songs and we apologize that time constraints mean that every small group cannot perform.

Where can I find sheet music for the songs we will be performing?

We have set up a folder that includes all the recordings and sheet music for the songs we will be performing this year! Please take some time before the Reunion to prepare your part as best you can so that rehearsal time can proceed as efficiently as possible.

Will childcare be provided?

Yes! There will be childcare available during rehearsal times on Saturday and dinners on Friday and Saturday. None will be provided during the Sunday morning dress rehearsal or during the concert. Please let us know if you have questions or this might pose a problem for you.

Is there WiFi?

Yale has a WiFi network for visitors called YaleGuest. It is fairly reliable.

How can I share how much Slavs has meant to me?

We can’t wait to hear all of your stories! To that end, there will be two main opportunities to share stories about Slavs.

Part of our Friday night dinner will be modeled on a Georgian supra. A supra is a celebration of food and friendship and song. During the meal, the tamada or toastmaster will lead toasts on different themes (possibilities include: friendship, music, family, sisterhood). After the tamada introduces a theme and gives a toast, anyone at the table is welcome to toast on that theme as well. A toast can be a reflection, a story, a few words, a poem, a song. It can be inspired by your memories or by your present life. Not everyone has to share but everyone is welcome. The toasts can arise spontaneously as you feel moved in the moment, but if you would like to reflect beforehand on these themes, by all means!

We will also have a small team filming the Reunion. The video crew will be at all rehearsals and Reunion activities, inviting individuals and small groups to step out and record. Bring your stories and any photos or mementos from your time in Slavs! The footage will later be turned into a series of short videos or perhaps a documentary!

What if I have more questions?

As always, email slavs.50th.reunion@gmail.com and we’ll reply as soon as possible. (And, if your question is of general interest, it may inspire us to update the FAQ!)

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