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Concerts, Tours, and Workshops


The Slavic Chorus welcomes invitations to perform at your upcoming events.  In addition to a yearly on-campus concert series, the Slavic Chorus performs around the New Haven-New York region at business functions, academic conferences, schools, elderly care facilities, places of worship, and community centers.  We also are pleased to share our music with members of the public by teaching workshops, in which members of the Chorus provide instruction in Slavic vocal technique; workshop participants have the opportunity to learn several songs showcasing the diverse regional styles of our repertoire.

Please contact our Leadership Team with any inquiries.

Local Concerts and Performances

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Domestic Tours
Every year we tour within the United States during Yale’s spring break. In recent years we’ve explored New Mexico (2009), the greater New York City area (2010), Dallas (2011),  the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (2012), Atlanta, Georgia (2013), Boston (2014), and Houston (2015).  This year’s travel plans include a spring tour to the Boston, Massachusetts area. Please contact our business manager Amanda Crego-Emley if you’d like to bring the Slavs to your city, book a gig on tour, or help us plan the tour!
Slavs at the rodeo in Houston, Texas for domestic tour 2015.

Slavs at the rodeo in Houston, Texas for tour 2015.

International Tours

In addition to annual domestic tours to major cities around the United States, every few years the Slavic Chorus makes a pilgrimage to the homelands of the Chorus’s folk songs. On these international journeys, the Chorus studies vocal technique and repertoire under local folklore experts, and acquires deeper understandings of the culture and meanings that underlie these songs. Recent international tours include Bulgaria (2014) and Croatia (2010).

Slavs visit Bulgaria in the summer of 2014.

Slavs visit Bulgaria in the summer of 2014. Left to right: Jana Lohrova ’16, Maclovia Quintana (FES) ’13, Amanda Crego-Emley ’17, Abby Emerson ’14, Charlotte Finegold ’17.

Anna Rose Gable ’13, Catherine Kastleman ’10, Maclovia Quintana ’11, Nila Bala LAW ’12, and Alex Pulst-Korenberg’08 look at the view of Dubrovnik, during the Slavic Chorus’ tour of Croatia in June of 2010


The Slavic Chorus performs a number of concerts in the Connecticut and New York area throughout the academic year. Over the past years, the Slavic Chorus has performed at the White House, various Yale fellowship and administrative dinners, and a Yale presidential dinner with a Supreme Court judge of China.  Highlights from Fall 2011 included a private concert for the Prince of Serbia and the Princess of Greece.  The Chorus not only performs at high-profile events, but also takes the time to sing for local elementary, middle and high schools, and at New Haven’s, and neighboring cities’ cultural festivals, nursing homes, not to mention the Chorus’s own concerts hosted at Yale.
The Slavs perform for the president of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, fall of 2013!

The Slavs perform for the president of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, fall of 2013!


The Slavs prepare to sing “Prekvr’kna Ptichka with alumni at GoldenFest 2014.

Check out this Live Recording from the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival | January 2012, Brooklyn, NY:


Schools and Churches are often interested in hiring the Slavic Chorus for workshops and master teaching classes. Our workshops are wonderful for students of all musical backgrounds and levels and are sure to provide a unique and exciting cultural experience for music lovers of all ages.

Most workshops provide a general overview of the characteristics that make Eastern European music so different from the western music most of us are so accustomed to hearing, such as the Yik! and the Yo!  We also include musical exercises such as practice with the mountain holler (as heard in our Czech classic, Ya Helo), chest voice and head voice exercises, and clapping exercises which deal with common Eastern European meters of 5 or 7. Workshops are fun and are a great way for us to share our knowledge of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Catherine Kastleman ’10 leads a workshop for members of the Yale – New Haven Community | March 2010

The Slavs recording a sample library for a music software company | February 2011

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