Parents’ Weekend 2013!

Parents’ Weekend is approaching fast! We’ve been rehearsing and we’re so excited to sing for you; we can’t wait. Come hear the Slavs on the 28th — we’ll be singing in Dwight Chapel, our old haunt. The concert starts at 6PM and should last about an hour. We suggest a donation of $5 from studentsContinue reading “Parents’ Weekend 2013!”



Congratulations to Cynthia Deng (’14), Laura Wellman (’13), Chihiro Isozaki (’15), Keren Abreu (’15), Ayanna Woods (’14), Justine Cefalu (’15) for being baby slavs. Special Congratulations to Alexandria Marino (’05, MDPHD) for her RETURN to Slavs! It’s gonna be a great year, everyone!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Kitka is coming to Yale! The goddesses of America’s Eastern-European Folk community will be performing a concert at Battell Chapel at Yale on Friday, September 9th! Oh, and Corinne Sykes (Slavs’ Musical Director 2008-2009) sings with them now. No big deal or anything. For more information, visit the facebookContinue reading “KITKA COMES TO YALE!”