Night of the Arts and Slavic Chorus Auditions

Tonight, Friday August 31st 2012, come out for an enjoyable end-of-the-summer evening in New Haven for the freshman Night of the Arts! Come to hear the Slavs and a variety of other artistic and musical groups perform. Don’t worry, this event won’t conflict with the SGC Dwight Jamboree which begins at 10:00 pm–so you’ll be able to get your fill of traditional collegiate a cappella, too.

Night of the Arts Schedule (from Yale College Calendar for the Opening Days)

Experience Yale’s vibrant undergraduate arts scene with a night of music, dance, improv, and theater performances featuring members of Yale’s exciting ensembles, including Asempa!, Pentatonic, Raga, Unity, Yale College Madrigal Musicians, Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus, A Different Drum, Groove, Rhythmic Blue, Steppin’ Out, Yaledancers, Wushu, and more. Groups led by freshman counsel­ors leave from the University Art Gallery and the Center for British Art.

  • 5.30–8 Open Houses at the Center for British Art and the University Art Gallery. Refreshments will be served.
  • 6.45 Meet your freshman counselor at one of the museums.
  • 7 Words of welcome from the museums.
  • 7.15–10 Groups led by freshman counselors tour campus to see music and dance at the Crescent Theater; improv at Calhoun Cabaret; dance at the Off Broadway Theater; and a cappella singing. Performances start every half hour.

Where Will the Slavs Be Performing during the Night of the Arts?

The Slavic chorus will be singing under the portico of the Center for British Art (YCBA) from 7:15-7:45 as the freshman embark from the museum for the beginning of the event. Afterwards, we’ll move to the steps of Sterling Memorial Library, where we will perform with Yale’s Chinese a cappella group, Pentatonic, for four 15-minute sets (beginning at 8:00, 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30, respectively). We hope to see you there!

Slavic Chorus Auditions

If you didn’t get to attend the Alternative A Cappella Concert last night, and therefore didn’t get to sign up for a Slavic Chorus audition, you’ll be able to sign up during the Night of the Arts. Additionally, you can always email our musical director, Celia Rostow (, to secure an audition slot.

Auditions for the Yale Slavic Chorus are short, fun, and unique. We’ll ask you to warm up with us, perform a rhythm exercise with us, experiment with the volume and tone of your voice, and sing a solo song of your choice that shows off your voice and that you feel comfortable singing.  Please feel free to email Celia with any questions you might have. Auditions will take place this Saturday, September 1st. After the audition you’ll be informed of the next steps in the process and how our callbacks work.  We look forward to meeting with you and singing with you!

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