The Yale Slavic Chorus is an SSA vocal ensemble that brings together singers from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds who share a common passion for Slavic music. We sing a diverse repertoire that spans the traditions of Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and many other places in eastern Europe. Though many members of the Chorus are not native speakers of Slavic languages, the Yale Slavic Chorus works extensively with native folk musicians and vocalists to practice accurate pronunciation and style.

The Chorus was founded in 1969, the first year of undergraduate coeducation at Yale, and was Yale College’s first undergraduate women’s performing group. We now welcome soprano and alto singers of all genders. Although primarily an undergraduate group, the Slavs (as we are affectionately known around Yale’s campus) also include other members of the Yale community.

Our Method and Music

We are a student-run and student-directed ensemble. Some of our arrangements are transcribed from original source recordings; some are borrowed from other vocal groups; some we learn directly from experienced singers. We strive to maintain the integrity of the music we sing, especially with respect to the dissonant harmonies, asymmetrical rhythms, and traditional vocal techniques characteristic of eastern European and Balkan vocal music.


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