Dear Slav Alums,

We are excited to announce the final setlist for the 50th Reunion concert–we did our best to take all of your suggestions into account! Find below a list of the 11 full group songs we will be performing on Sunday, April 7th. Please take some time to learn your parts between now and the reunion, so that our (all-too-limited) rehearsal time will go smoothly!

Please follow this link to get access to all the sheet music for the reunion concert!

We’d like as many as 5 pieces in the concert to be led by alumnae guest conductors. All the joint, full group pieces on the setlist are eligible to be conducted by an alumna.

In addition, we will have room for 5 small groups of alumnae in the set list. If people are interested in singing a small group, they must have members confirmed already. If possible, they should send along a recording of them singing beforehand so we can make as many decisions as possible before reunion. If no recording is submitted beforehand, auditions for small groups will be held from 2:30 – 3:30 on Saturday, April 6th. Decisions about which groups will be in the concert will then be made later that afternoon. And please remember that there will be ample time for informal group singing, so everyone will have a chance to do their favorite songs whether or not they make it into the final performance!

If you’d like to be a guest conductor or sing in a small group, please submit your requests by email to by Sunday, March 10th.

Full Group Setlist (in no particular order)

  1. Shto Mi e Milo
  2. Polegnala E Tudora
  3. Sazeimo Perkhuli
  4. Iz Dolu Ide
  5. Lepi Juro
  6. Mujo Kuje
  7. Dragana I Slaveya
  8. Vido, Vido Byala Vido
  9. Heyamoli
  10. Procu Se Moma
  11. Prexvrukhna Ptichka
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