About the Music

Most of our music comes from the countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine. The repertoire of lyrical songs borrowed from these countries’ choruses tell of love, marriage, work, war, country life, and sorrow. In our performances, we strive to maintain the tradition of dissonant harmonies, unusual rhythms, and distinctive vocal qualities which make Slavic music unique and exciting for listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Sarah Larsson ’12, Jane Parkes ’10, Corinne Sykes ’10, and Carolyn Brotherton ’10 wearing traditional Croatian costumes in Ogulin, Croatia. June 2010.

Our Repertoire

The Slavic Chorus prides ourselves on the great diversity of our repertoire and the complexity of our arrangements. Since our inception in 1969, the chorus has maintained a rich collection of Eastern European and Balkan music.  A number of our own group members have transcribed new arrangements of traditional songs for the group’s performances. Because our performances include village music from a number of different countries, our very different styles of music are quite evident. These styles range from fast-paced Russian songs, soft and mysterious Croatian lullabies, piercing Bulgarian favorites, and many more!

Kaval Sviri (Bulgaria)

Konj Bjezhit (Russia)

Sazeimo Perkhuli (Georgia)


For more samples of our music, please visit our YouTube channel.

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