N’e Bayus’a

We are delighted to present N’e Bayus’a, our most recent album.

While much of the below information is included in the liner notes of the album, we couldn’t squeeze in the details of the names of each soloist or members of our duets, trios or quartets. Luckily, you can find that information right here!

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Singers on the disc:

Keren Abreu (TC’15), Nila Bala (LAW’12), Justine Cefalu (BK’15), Cynthia Deng  (JE’14), Abby Emerson (SM’14), Anna Rose Gable (PC’13), Leslie Hiciano (BR’14), Chihiro Isozaki (TC’15), Rachel LaViola (PC’12), Sarah Larsson (BR’12), Alexandria Marino (BR’05, MED’15), Katy Naples-Mitchell (SY’13), Celia Rostow (JE’13), Alex Turrini (SY’13), Laura Wellman (DC’13), and Ayanna Woods (SM’14). With a guest appearance by Maclovia Quintana (MC ’11, FES ’13).

Track List, Translations, and Soloists

1. Shto Mi e Milo / Што Ми е Мило / I Was Glad (Macedonian)

How happy I am to live in the village of Struga, where I have a little shop, and I can sit in the window and watch the women go down to the well with their many-colored pitchers, to laugh and talk with their friends.

2. Dva Konya Vodam/ Два Коня Водам/ She Leads Two Horses (Bulgarian)

I lead two horses and don’t want either! I have an old man who likes me and I’m not interested in him! Last night all the men were at her house except her boyfriend; she went to the tavern and there he was, sitting and drinking! You’ve got a honey, you don’t have a honey. You’ve got a honey, but all you’ve got is lies. Yovanitsa knitted colorful socks! Yovanitsa sewed a colorful vest!

Duets: Keren, Justine, Leslie, Sarah

3. Szerelem, Szerelem / Love, Love (Hungarian)

Love, love: wretched anguish! Why do you not grow on every tree? Why do you not grow so I may find you? Arr. Moira Smiley

Keren, Alex, Laura, Ayanna

4. Grlica Je Zapivala/ The Doves Sang (Croatian)

The dove was singing on top of the pine tree. She called, “Darling, destined for me, come pigeon, come my beloved.” He landed, and kissed his dove. Arr. Franko Fauro-Velo and Dinko Fio

Solos: Alex, Chihiro, Abby, Katy

5. Vo Naše Selo/ Bo Haшe Ceлo / In Our Village (Gorani)

In our small village, there is a girl ready for marriage. Oh ready girl, would you love me? I would love you, if I had a house.

Solo: Rachel, Duet: Abby

6. Gonja/ გონჯა / Weather Doll (Georgian)

Gonja is a life-sized doll carried by women from courtyard to courtyard during a weather ritual. Gonjaoba, wander over. Gonja comes to the door. It walks through the weather, resembling the moon. St. Barbara, end the thunder and rain. Chase the clouds from the sky. A sieve appears to remain a sieve. Good weather is hurrying in. Gonjaoba, wander over. Gonja comes to the door.

7. Dobri Denek / Good Day (Croatian)

What a great day for the house! It’s a great day for the owner, for his wife, for the servants, and for everyone else in the house. May every day of the year be like this one! Arr. E. Cossetto

8. Ja Urani Jutros Rano/ Ја Yрани Jутрос Rано / I Rose Early This Morning (Serbian)

I rose early this morning, early before dawn. I met a girl, walking on the hill. I called to her, “Good morning, beautiful girl!” She replied to me, sadly and miserably, “Let me go, young man. I am miserable. I have a sweetheart far away, in a foreign land.”

Nila, Laura, Ayanna

9. Shto e Ludo Son Sonilo / Што е Лудо Cон Cонило/ What a Crazy Dream I Had (Macedonian)

A young man dreams of a girl who brings him water, but who is gone when he wakes. In his disappointment, he takes a dagger to stab himself. His pillow says to him, “Don’t do it!”

Anna Rose, Chihiro

10. Sos Ma Karai Maichinko/ Сос МаКарай Майчинко/ Stop Convincing Me, Mother (Bulgarian)

Mother, I cannot help you with the chores now, for when I am married, I will be responsible to my new home for the rest of my days. Arr. Nikola Kenov

Solo: Abby

11. Malo Selo/ Мало Село / Little Village (Bulgarian)

A small village ate dinner early and went to bed early, so the town would stay quiet and safe during the night.

Sarah, Leslie

12. Pilentze Pee / ПиленцеПее / Pilentze Sings (Bulgarian)

Hey great gun! Hey awesome sabre! There is a vast field, and beyond the field a green forest. In the forest, a tall tree. In the tree, a nightingale sings: “He who has a beautiful beloved to love, love her, because a troubled year comes – so he will not regret.” Arr. Krassimir Kyurkchiyski

13. Aylye, Lyulye, Lyulye/ עילויל, עילויל, עילייא/ Lullaby (Yiddish)

Sleep, sleep my pride and joy, close your pretty eyes. Wake up again with healthy limbs, my lovely sweet child, quickly and quickly. Arr. Kitka Ensemble

Alexandria, Nila, Alex

14. Pastevecke Helokanie / Shepherd’s Call (Czech)

Hey, my little one. As my own I graze you and you are dragging yourself behind me, little doll!

Solo: Anna Rose

15. More, Moma Bega Prez Livade / Море, Мома Бега През Ливаде / A Girl Is Running Around the Field (Bulgarian)

A girl and a boy met in a field. The boy asked her, “Do you have a belt? Do you have a first love?” She answered, “I have a belt, but I don’t have a first love. Be my first love!” Arr. FilipKoutev

Duets: Keren, Celia

16. Lubavitsher Redl/N’e Zhurit’sya, Khloptsy / לדעררעשטיוואבויל/ Hе Журиться, Xлопцы / Lubavitsher Song/Don’t Worry, Friends (Russian Jewish)

Don’t worry, friends, over what will become of us. Last night is already away, and tomorrow is not here yet. There’s only a little today, spoil it not with sorrow. Grab a vodka, while you’re alive. God willing, in the other world they won’t give it to you!

Solos: Abby, Celia, Laura, Anna Rose

17. Prochula Se Moma Nedelya / Прочула Се Мома Неделя / The Renown Of Beautiful Nedelya (Bulgarian)

The young maiden Nedelya was known as the fairest of the fair, the gaudiest of the gaudy. Find a young man from far away to take her in marriage! A great wedding was organized. The guests entered a thick forest, where a handsome stag stood in a clearing. They left to admire the stag; the young couple was alone. Luckily, the wind blew off the veil, allowing the young man to kiss the bride.

Nila, Rachel, Katy

18. Po Palju/ ПоПолю / In the Field (Russian)

In the field, over the wide field, he was flying, the young gray dove. He was calling to his gray lovey-dove: “You come here, gray dovey of mine. I love you for your walk. When you walk in the yard it’s like a swan swimming. The things you say, like ‘How are you?’ Sing!” Arr. Kitka Ensemble

19. Mamli Mukhasa / მამლიმუხასა / The Insects and the Oak Tree (Georgian)

First of all, let us remember God, and then all of the saints and the Mother of God. Your grace is with us. The oak trembles and falls down, the oak and the midges. The oak has fallen and has filled with water. Fish are hatching inside – they must be caught. How boy? With Moses’s net, boy!

Solos: Alexandria, Alex

20. Bozha Zvezda / Божа Звезда / Holy Star (Bulgarian & Macedonian)

What star, oh Mother, shines the earliest? It is the Star of the Lord. It shone, oh Mother, high and low. It shone over the whole earth below. There where it shone, oh Mother, a tree grew up. All the way up to the blue sky. Arr. Kitka Ensemble

Nila, special guest Maclovia Quintana

21. Rumena Si / You Are Rosy (Croatian)

You are a rosy orange! Were you born on an orange tree? No, but my dearest mother bore me. I was cradled in the beech tree. Stormy winds rocked me, from the Uchke to the sea.

Alexandria, Katy, Celia, Ayanna

22. Sazeimo Perkhuli/ საზეიმოფერხული / Festive Round Dance (Georgian)

A tune sung to accompany a festive round dance.

Trio: Rachel, Chihiro, Leslie

23. Kavali Svirat / Кавали Свират / The Pipes Play (Bulgarian)

“Flutes are playing, dear Mother, in the dark valleys of the mountains.” While sweeping the yard, she watched the forests. “I want to see, dear Mother – to see if it is my dear brother playing, or my beloved – my beloved the guerilla man. If it is him, with him, dear Mother, I will go.”

Celia, Justine

24. Polegala Trava Detela / Clover Lay Across the Grass (Croatian)

Red flowers and clover are blooming in the beautiful green fields. The proud girl is harvesting grain, and she will feed it to the horses.

25. Shto Garit?/ Что Горит? / What Burns? (Russian)

What is burning that does not burn out? What is smoldering in the fir grove? Why does my brother run to me? Oh, sister, my white swan, don’t you know that the matchmakers are at our house and that our parents are going to marry you off to a stranger? Our father has agreed to it, our mother has commanded it. They are sending you away to a strange home.

Solo: Sarah, Trio: Nila, Abby

26. A Što Ćemo Ljubav Kriti? / Why Hide Our Love? (Bosnian)

Why should we hide our love, when you will be mine anyway? My heart is not mine, sweetheart, if it belongs to you. What is it that attracts me to you so strongly? My feelings are tormenting me. Either take me or kill me. Don’t let another love me. Arr. Moira Smiley

Chihiro, Katy, Anna Rose, Sarah

27. Tsmindao Ghmerto/ წმინდაოღმერთო / Holy God (Georgian)

Holy God, Almighty one, pray for us.

28. Prekvhrukna Ptichka/ ПрехвръкнаПтичка / A Bird Flew Over (Bulgarian)

The bird flies over the courtyard, over the white rose, lightly fluttering, quietly calling: “I am coming, young bride, to bring you great joy. The fields are flat and full of grain, the black-headed ewes have given birth to twins, the bees have formed new hives, and all the little children are lively and healthy.” Arr. FilipKoutev

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