Dear Slav Alumnae

While there is no required fee to attend the reunion, we are suggesting a donation of $50 per Slav (for the 50th Reunion!), which will go towards covering the costs associated with reunion. We do not want the cost to be prohibitive for anyone, however, so there’s no “minimum donation” — we just ask that you give what you can, and consider a giving a little more if you plan to bring family to the catered dinners and evening party. (And yes, of course, more than $50 is even better, if you feel so motivated.)

Please find below a PayPal button that will allow you to make your donation. While there is no official deadline for reunion donations, we would appreciate it if donations were made by early March. Your donations go a long way in making reunion possible, so we greatly appreciate your generosity! Please direct donation questions to:

Donate Button

For those of you who prefer mailing a check to making a donation via PayPal, please make all checks out to the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus and mail them to:

Yale Slavic Chorus

206 Elm Street, P.O. Box # 207177

New Haven, CT 06520-7177

-The Slavs of 2018/2019

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