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Fall 2015 Auditions

August 3, 2015

Whether your previous musical experience consists of 12 years of choir, high school a cappella, jamming in the shower, or being weaned on Bulgarian lullabies, you are absolutely the correct woman to audition for The Yale Slavic Chorus.  If you want to join Yale’s first women’s organization, or if you are a fan of singing (especially in different languages), cooking, cheese, exploring far-off countries, and attending crazy music festivals, the Slavic Chorus is the place for you. We may sing in more than seven different Slavic (and a couple other) languages, but you are not required to speak or have any knowledge of Russian, Ukranian, Georgian, or the like (most of us don’t!). Here’s some quick pointers for your audition:

  • Prepare an excerpt of a song that’s good for your range and important to you to sing for us
  • Come in with an open mind! We may ask you to do some stuff that you haven’t done before, but don’t be scared!

Email to join the audition panlist and receive information about our first concert in early September.


Slavs visit Bulgaria! Summer 2014.

Slavs visit Bulgaria! Summer 2014. Left to right: Jana Lohrova ’16, Maclovia Quintana (FES) ’13, Amanda Crego-Emley ’17, Abby Emerson ’14, Charlotte Finegold ’17.

THIS WEEKEND: The Slavs 45th Reunion!

March 27, 2015

Come one, come all – we’re commemorating 45 years worth of friendship, music, and yiks! This weekend, the Slavs are hosting our 45th reunion and with it, a concert free and open to the public. We would love to see you there to help us celebrate. The concert will be held at the Mary S. Harkness Auditorium at the Yale Medical School (333 Cedar Street, New Haven CT) on Sunday, March 29th at 1PM. Find the Facebook event here – we can’t wait to see you!

slav alums

Yale Slavic Chorus Presents: 45th Reunion Concert!

March 25, 2015

The Yale Slavic Chorus is excited and proud to present our 45th Reunion concert, featuring alums from 1969 to the present – and of course, the current Slavs. We can’t wait to share our rich musical traditions and joy with you. The concert is free and open to the public! See you there!

WHERE: Mary S. Harkness Auditorium, Yale Medical School, 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT
WHEN: Sunday, March 29th, 1-3PM

slav alums

The Slavs at the All Saints Orthodox Church!

October 23, 2014

Dear friends,

We’d like to apologize for our absence – it’s been a crazy few months back here at Yale! We’re writing to let you know about our next concert, held in two weeks. We’ll be performing at the 41st Annual Tea Room and Bazaar, held at the All Saints Orthodox Church in Hartford, CT. Come and take a look – the bazaar will start at 6PM and we’ll perform at 7PM; it’ll be a delightful evening and we hope to see you there!


The Slavs at the 41st Annual Tea Room and Bazaar, 7PM

All Saints Orthodox Church in Hartford, CT: 205 Scarborough Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06105

Admission $20

ASOC Russian Tea Room and Bazaar 2014

Find and RSVP to the Facebook event here. Take care, everyone – love and yiks to all!